5 June 2014

Ayrshire Yeomanry 1908-1914

In 1914 The Ayrshire Yeomanry (Earl of Carrick's Own) formed part of the Lowland Mounted Brigade and was headquartered at Ayr. The regiment was comprised of four squadrons: A Squadron at Ayr, B Squadron at Cumnock, C Squadron at Kilmarnock and D Squadron at Beith.

The lowest number I have in my database at this point in time is 624 in May 1908. I presume the regiment started numbering from 1 in 1908 - most did - but I can't confirm that at this point in time.

624 joined on 11th May 1908
1246 joined on 22nd March 1909
1385 joined on 12th April 1910
1433 joined on 28th February 1911
1577 joined on 11th March 1912
1626 joined on 31st March 1913
1710 joined on 14th April 1914

I have yet to find a man who joined in August 1914. 1750 joined on 29th April and 1767 joined on 11th September and it could be that the regiment had already reached its establishment by August 1914.

Ayrshire Yeomanry image from the Flags Forum.

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