12 June 2014

Royal Gloucestershire Hussars 1908-1914

This post will look at numbering in the Royal Gloucestershire Hussars between 1908 and 1914.

When, on 1st April 1908, the Territorial Force came into being, men transferring from the Imperial Yeomanry retained their old Imperial Yeomanry numbers. Consequently the majority of 1908 enlistments were men who had formerly served in the Imperial Yeomanry.
By 1914 the regiment formed part of the 1st South Midland Mounted Brigade and was headquartered at Gloucester. A Squadron was also based in Gloucester, B Squadron in Stroud, C Squadron in Newport and D Squadron in Bristol.
1467 joined on 1st April 1908
1659 joined on 22nd February 1909
1761 joined on 7th March 1910
1823 joined on 1st February 1911
1998 joined on 20th December 1912
2003 joined on 15th January 1913
2118 joined on 28th March 1914
2155 joined on 10th August 1914
2361 joined on 16th September 1914
2502 joined on 7th October 1914
2657 joined on 18th November 1914

In September 1914 the 2/1st Royal Gloucestershire Hussars was formed at Gloucester and later, in July 1916, converted into a cyclist unit. A 3/1st unit, formed in 1915, was absorbed into the 5th Reserve Cavalry Regiment in 1917. All three units drew their regimental numbers from the same series.

Image courtesy of the Royal Gloucestershire Hussars website which depicts Colonel A J Palmer in 1902.

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Anonymous said...

2765 joined on 30th March 1915; at Gloucester into 2/1st Royal Gloucestershire Hussars

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