26 June 2014

3rd County of London Yeomanry (Sharpshooters) 1908-1914

This regiment continued with its existing numbering series when it was formed out of the Imperial Yeomanry in April 1908.  The regiment formed part of the London Mounted Brigade which was administered from the Duke of York's Headquarters in Chelsea. The regiment itself was headquartered at St John's Wood, London.

203 joined on 17th April 1908
551 joined on 24th September 1909
617 joined on 29th April 1910
701 joined on 31st March 1911
783 joined on 29th March 1912
952 joined on 27th June 1913
1067 joined on 5th August 1914

A 2/3rd unit was formed in August 1914 and 3/3rd unit in April 1915. Both these second and third line units shared their number sequence with the 1/3rd.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Paul for an informative blog. My Great Grand Uncle, Ernest Griffiths served with the "Sharpshooters" with the service number 1006. Now I know he was a pre-war Territorial.
Thanks again.

Paul Nixon said...

Yes, he was. 989 joined on 11th July 1913 so chances are he joined up in 1913 although recruitment was slow and I can't be more precise than this at this point in time. Thanks for visiting the blog.

Unknown said...

Hi I have a man his number is 1994

Paul Nixon said...

Hello Doug. That means he joined after 5th August 1914.

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