12 June 2014

Queen’s Own Royal Glasgow Yeomanry 1908-1914

This post will look at numbering in the Queen’s Own Royal Glasgow Yeomanry between 1908 and 1914.

When, on 1st April 1908, it became the Queen’s Own Royal Glasgow Yeomanry, it continued with the numbering series which it had used when it was the Imperial Yeomanry. Men who transferred from the Imperial Yeomanry to the Yeomanry retained their Imperial Yeomanry numbers and the majority of 1908 enlistments were men who had formerly served in the Imperial Yeomanry.

974 joined on 6th April 1908
1553 joined on 25th February 1909
1684 joined on 18th February 1910
1802 joined on 16th January 1911
1997 joined on 19th December 1912
2009 joined on 28th January 1913
2228 joined on 3rd March 1914
2275 joined on 6th August 1914
2316 joined on 1st September 1914

In September 1914 the 2/1st Queen’s Own Royal Glasgow Yeomanry was formed, and this was followed in 1915 with a  3/1st unit which remained in the UK until disbanded in 1917. All three units drew their regimental numbers from the same series.

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