17 June 2014

West Riding Royal Horse Artillery 1908-1914

Here are some numbers and enlistment dates for the West Riding Royal Horse Artillery - a Territorial Force formation - between 1908 and 1914.

49 joined on 15th June 1908
185 joined on 25th January 1909
261 joined on 26th Match 1910
327 joined on 11th September 1911
380 joined on 27th April 1912
437 joined on 6th May 1913
511 joined on 7th April 1914
529 joined on 4th August 1914
553 joined on 1st September 1914

When the Territorial Force was re-numbered in 1917, the West Riding RHA was issued numbers in the range 608001 to 610000. The lower the six digit number, the earlier the man enlisted - so 608001 would have been issued to the longest serving man in the regiment who was still serving at the point in time the numbers were issued.

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