26 June 2014

Pembroke Yeomanry 1908-1914

The Pembroke Yeomanry was, from April 1908, administered by three separate County Associations and therefore operated three distinct numbering series from 1908.

The Pembrokeshire Association, responsible for the regiment's headquarters and A and B Squadrons, issued numbers beginning from 1:

49 joined on 21st May 1908
234 joined on 4th March 1909
275 joined on 5th march 1910
293 joined on 25th February 1911
342 joined on 30th March 1912
383 joined on 1st March 1913
415 joined on 1st March 1914
458 joined on 9th August 1914

The Carmarthenshire Association, responsible for C Squadron, issued numbers beginning from 2000. My data is a somewhat thin at this point in time:

2005 joined on 16th April 1908
2148 joined on 7th April 1911
2206 joined 19th March 1913
2234 joined on 2nd March 1914

The Cardiganshire Association, responsible for D Squadron, issued numbers beginning from 4000:

4010 joined on 8th April 1908
4098 joined on 3rd March 1909
4138 joined on 5th March 1910
4164 joined on 5th April 1911
4185 joined on 8th May 1912
4238 joined on 21st February 1914

By the time Britain went to war in 1914, the regiment, with its headquarters at Tenby, formed part of the South Wales Mounted Brigade and was disposed as follows:

A Squadron: Tenby
B Squadron: Haverfordwest
C Squadron: Carmarthen
D Squadron: Lampeter

In August 1914 the decision appears to have been taken to abandon the Pembrokeshire and Cardiganshire number series and issue new recruits with numbers in the 4000 range. Thus:

4265 joined on 30th September 1914
4271 joined on 2nd October 1914
4530 joined on 13th November 1914
4667 joined on 8th December 1914

Two reserve units, the 2/1st and 3/1st, were formed during the First World War and both drew their numbers from the 4000 series above.

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